Quality & tradition

Founded in the early twentieth century, Savonneries Bruxelloises has over the years, established itself as Belgium’s premier soap maker. We are located in the heart of beautiful Brussels and still in the original building where the company was founded. We use only traditional methods of manufacture and only the finest of fragrances. We are exporting more than 75% of our production to almost all European Countries, to the Middle East, the Far East and to North America.

Quality & tradition

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A Savonneries Bruxelloises story

  • 1922
  • The Karak Soap and Perfumery Works was founded
    by Emile Collin (Industrial born in 1873) and Alexis Huylenbroeck
    (perfumer born in 1865)
  • 1926
  • Karak produces their first soaps 27 Ed.Tollenaere street in Brussels
  • 1953
  • Henri Nanson creates the sprl Nouvelles Savonneries Bruxelloises bvba
  • 1983
  • SA Savonneries Bruxelloises NV owned by Roland Nanson
  • 1993
  • SA Savonneries Bruxelloises NV owned by Vincent Laurencin & François Van de Velde
  • 2010
  • Rebranding of Savonneries Bruxelloises own line
  • 2016
  • Promoted Belgian Warrant Holder – Fournisseur Breveté de la Cour – Hofleverancier van België – Hoflieferanten des Belgischen Königshauses
  • 2019
  • Maxime Pecsteen & Maxime de Villenfagne joined Savonneries Bruxelloises
  • Today
  • Still making beautiful soaps and developing new projects such as solid shampoo bars!